Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with us?
Knowing the terrain is key in any adventure. The continental United States has six time zones and the cities are generally far apart. It’s important to think about the geography of the country when dispatching a tech. We will make sure you get the best service possible from the closest technician.

We have dedicated in-house customer service experts who are on call 24/7/365. We also have an after-hours emergency call service that is always routed to an expert, not a call center. Your company can always be assured that a qualified representative will fully evaluate the urgency of every call.

There is one point of contact at the NDUSA Customer Service Center for any questions, comments, concerns, changes in scope of work, ect... clients never have to chase anyone for answers.

We specialize in first-visit repairs, which impacts the cost of repair and the quality of service (QoS) to retail and restaurant establishments.

Billing is handled centrally at NDUSA headquarters, also ensuring a single point of contact for clients.

Making your mission and vision a reality is our main objective at NDUSA. We make our customers' values and principals our top priority which in turn makes you part of our family.


Do you service remote locations?
National Dispatch USA covers literally every single city, town and village in the USA. If it’s big enough to have a store, we will service it.


What trades does NDUSA service?
All of them. Seriously.